Omni Reinforcements, LLC is the exclusive source for the most comprehensive family of reinforcement products in the composites industry. As the reinforcements division of Omni Composites, we offer an extensive and growing range of glass and alternative reinforcements for a wide variety of applications. For both open and closed molding, Omni can provide cost effective foreign and domestic alternatives.

Because Omni is not just another source of fiberglass materials! The company represents more than just a line of products. Omni is part of a unique business model, which creates a highly efficient business synergy between suppliers, distributors, and end users.
Because of our unique structure, customers become, in effect, a partner with Omni Composites and with its suppliers. In addition to quality, service and competitive pricing, preferred customers actually share in the profits, which derive from their own business. It is a true business partnership!
Omni management has visited virtually every major glass fiber manufacturer worldwide. Because of our organization’s substantial volume, we are fortunate to be able to choose our partners from the best suppliers throughout the global industry.
While Omni Reinforcements, LLC, sells reinforcement products, it is only one of a family of related companies. The Omni Composites umbrella provides virtually all of a customers composites needs, offering direct and distribution pricing and service for all of our customers’ requirements.
Omni is continuously looking for quality, progressive customers, that are willing to do business “just a little different.” 2008® All rights are reserved ©