What is Omni Composites?

It’s almost easier to explain it as what it is not. It is not a traditional composites manufacturer, nor a traditional distributor, nor a traditional agent. It is all of these, and much more.

Omni Composites is a unique organization, representing a series of joint venture partnerships providing production, sales, marketing, and distribution of a wide range of exclusive high-quality composites products. It is global in scope, securing products from some of the finest suppliers in each category, produced on four different continents.

In each category, we offer extremely competitive products, sourced from both foreign and domestic suppliers. These products are capable of fulfilling a wide-range of customers requirements. Because of our flexibility, Omni can produce or source the products our customers need, when they need them, at prices, which are competitive with anything in the industry.

Unique Business Model
Omni is not just another company, it is unique in both its organizational structure and focus. Because, functionally, Omni represents a partnership between its suppliers and its customers, all participants share in the success of the organization.

Omni is fortunate to offer a broad access to some of the very finest products in the composites industry. Because many suppliers have sought to be a part of Omni, we are fortunate to be able to select those, which represent exceptional standards of quality.

At Omni, both our suppliers and our customers are our business partners. It is our goal to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective and efficient service in the composites industry.

We believe that Omni represents the most efficient business model in the composites industry. As such, whether through direct sales or distribution, Omni offers our customers the right products at the most competitive possible prices. But value includes much more than price and Omni can tailor its services to any customer’s requirements, regardless of size.

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